In the 2020 EcoSport's cabin, there are several technologies that benefit a group of people. Some solutions cater to teens, and others are great for an entire family.

FordPass Connect is a highlight feature because it lets teenagers their connect gadgets to a hotspot. The hotspot is strong and powerful; it can hold a connection to the 4G LTE network while the devices are 50 feet away. The process of tracking the data usage is easy because this information is always available on the FordPass App. SYNC 3 benefits everyone since it's compatible with the latest smart phones. The most useful SYNC 3 feature is the navigation mode. It can set routes and find restaurants very quickly.

If you want to examine the 8-inch SYNC 3 console, you can get started at Valley Isle Motors Ford. On our lot, we'll let you examine key features in a 2020 Ford EcoSport's cabin. We'll also give you an opportunity to test drive your favorite EcoSport trim.


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