Ford Flex: Luxury Design Felt Behind The Wheel

Design features of the Ford Flex make it a fun vehicle to drive and one that's stylish to look at on the road. There are three rows in the vehicle, so there's enough room for several passengers. You'll also find that there's a luxurious design with leather and wood details on everything from the steering wheel to the center console.

Seats are trimmed in leather, making them comfortable to sit on while you're traveling in Kahului. Larger tires give the vehicle a stylish look and can be customized at Valley Isle Motors Ltd depending on the color and design of the rims that you want.

Tinted windows help to block out the sun. Sleek curves and edges offer a design that flows from the modern grille to the LED taillights. Side mirrors are designed so that they are slender and longer to allow you to see more objects that are behind you while driving.



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