Ford Mustang Handling Features

This year‘s Mustang is full of surprises. This year’s Mustang is available and to body styles. If you enjoy riding with the top down, then you’ll be happy to know that the mustang is available in a convertible body style. However, if you aren’t feeling that adventurous then the Mustang is also available in a simple cool body style as well. In addition to the many body styles offered by the four Mustang, the Ford Mustang is also very spacious.

The new mustang gives the drivers 13.5 ft.³ of cargo space. This is a significant amount of cargo space for a small sports car. The Mustang has a seating capacity of five passengers. Adult passengers will be able to enjoy rides in the rear of your Mustang without feeling penalized.

The Mustang comes standard with cloth seating. However, leatherette and leather seating is also available, depending on the model.


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